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Bob Ross

Follow this up with melodysheep’s tribute to this man - “Happy Little Clouds. Mr. Ross was responsible for much of the inspiration regarding my foray into art as a child.

Bob Ross had the kind of attitude I still strive for to this day about my life and paintings.  I still remember (quite fondly) watching him on the local channels when I was a wee young thing.  

This stuff is just good to live by, in or out of the art world, and it’s always worth sharing with others.  

Bob, you will always be my number one favorite artist of all time. <3

I too remember watching him on local channels when I was very young, my mother must have thought I was insane to watch Bob Ross instead of the cartoons on the other channels. I sometimes think it may even have been my window in to art. 

"Every day is a good day when you paint."

(Source: kuneria)